HARVEY Family:

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   First Generation      

1. Terrence HARVEY. Born Dec 1823 in Ireland. Died March 20, 1901 in Cleveland, OH. He married Mary, Born ca 1853 in Cleveland, OH ?. Born May 1843 in Ireland. Died Aug. 3, 1903 in Cleveland, OH. They had the following children:

    2 i. James HARVEY

    3 ii. John ??? HARVEY

    4 iii. Sarah HARVEY

    5 iv. Marg (Margaret??) HARVEY


      Second Generation      

2. James HARVEY. Born Jan 1862 in Michigan. He married Mary (Marie?) Elizabeth SINGLETON, daughter of Daniel SINGLETON & Ann, Circa 1884. Born Mar 1865 in Ohio, died May 16, 1905 in Cleveland, OH. They had the following children:

    6 i. Annette (Nettie) HARVEY

    7 ii. George HARVEY

    8 iii. Paul HARVEY

    9 iv. Mable HARVEY

    10 v. Florence HARVEY

    11 vi. Veronica (Vernie?) HARVEY

3. John ??? HARVEY.  He married Ida __?.

4. Sarah HARVEY.  Born ca. 1850 in Ohio.

5. Marg (Margaret??) HARVEY.  Born 1854 in Ohio.


      Third Generation      

6. Annette (Nettie) HARVEY. Born May 28, 1885 in Ohio. Died 1963 in Cleveland Oh. She married Ollie SCHMEILER, in Cleveland, OH. Died 1955 in Cleveland Oh. Buried in Highland Park, Cleveland, OH. They had the following children:

    13 i. Arthur SCHMEILER

    14 ii. Jeannie SCHMEILER

    15 iii. Lester R SCHMEILER

7. George HARVEY. Born Nov 1887 in Ohio. Died May 4, 1956 in Cleveland, OH . He married Mae (Matilda) DRAVES. Born Circa 1889. Died Jul 30, 1969. Buried in St. Joseph Cemetery, Cleveland, OH.

8. Paul HARVEY. Born Jan 1890 in Ohio.  Died Dec 26, 1951 in Cleveland, OH.

9. Mable HARVEY. Born Sep 4, 1892 in Cleveland, OH. She married E HEMROD.

10. Florence HARVEY. Born Jan 11, 1895 in Cleveland, OH. Died Mar in Cleveland, OH. Buried in Calvary Cemetery, Cleveland, OH. She married William Patrick KILROY, son of James KILROY & Mary CHAMBERS, Jun 23, 1914 in St. Catherine's, Cleveland, OH . Born Jan 13, 1895 in Cleveland, OH. Died Dec 23, 1956 in Cleveland, OH. They had nine children:

11. Veronica (Vernie?) HARVEY. Born Apr 1900-1902 in Ohio. She married William BAKER.

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